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EQUINOX EVENT - March 19, 2006

Upcoming event March 19, 2006 Sunday afternoon. An EQUINOX EVENT to be held regularly.
1 pm demo THE experiment (if working); 1: 45 pm show latest data; 2:30 pm group criticism of Eric’s textbook misconceptions sheet using his physics library; 4-6 pm lab workshops by Eric, Mike Kan, and perhaps you; 6 pm dinner; 7 pm music/party. We will “do physics”, both theory and experiment. Open interaction. Make friends. Develop understandings. By invitation, and friends of those invited. Nothing revealed to be kept secret; cameras welcome.

Patent - Photon Violation Spectroscopy

My patent application for Photon Violation Spectroscopy is now viewable at the US patent office website. All text and drawings are viewable. You will need to download a TIFF viewer for the drawings. The patent is pending, not granted. This document contains important experimental data to substantiate the usefulness of unquantum physics in industrial applications. Fields of interest include material science probes for the semiconductor industry, detector technology, and superconductivity research.
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Gamma-split demonstration

For a gamma-split demonstration, I created this poster.jpg, poster.pdf . I wanted to see what would happen in my home town if I held a demonstration to see if the local newspaper, or someone would take notice and do something. It was like a rehearsal, just like my Tesla lectures were.
Of course I have tried to publish, and have contacted my physics teachers, but nothing happened of any significance as of this writing Jan 19, 2006. I am now taking a step toward publicizing my Patent Pending link and my alpha work as I continue to experiment. I split the alpha with diamonds and gold in a variety of geometries. Coincidences are seen only in special conditions and allows me to see things in a new way; that is why it is patentable. There are no particles, just thresholds. The pre-loaded state was ignored, amazingly. It is as simple as that, and it seems to me that it is the most profound thing that ever happened. If you do not like the results of my experiments please study my work, do a simple spectrum, and argue with IT. In the meanwhile, I will happily file patents on applying this discovery, while telling people about it. The discovery transcends. ER

The Alpha Particle is Not a Particle, It Splits Like a Wave.

I gave a lecture 1 PM Sunday, January 8, 2006 at the Round Table Pizza meeting room second floor, 16th Avenue and Geary street San Fracisco, CA. I have kept the alpha work secret until now. I do plan to file a patent on the spectroscopic and detector applications of splitting the matter wave. The Alpha Particle is Not a Particle, It Splits Like a Wave.
You will be able to reproduce my experiments; I want you to. 2006/SFTS_news_2006_01_08.htm

Alpha Spectroscopy that Defies Quantum Mechanical Explanation

I sent this letter announcing the lecture:
I will describe my experiments, constructed and performed in my home laboratory during the entire year 2005, on a method I have developed in alpha spectroscopy that defies quantum mechanical explanation. The alpha is the helium nucleus, commonly referred to as the alpha particle. The set-up is very similar to the Rutherford/Geiger-Marsden experiment history has used to show that the atom has a particle nucleus. There is a radioisotope that emits the alpha, a gold foil, and a detector to sense reflected alpha. My experiment is different by using (typically) an additional detector that is placed behind the gold foil and has electronics to read alpha events in coincidence with the reflected alpha events. The alpha events are pulses from the detector that the physical science community THINKS occur when an alpha particle strikes the detector. I get coincidences substantially beyond a chance rate, calculated by a standard method. If it was a particle, it would go one way or another at the gold beam splitter. There is not enough kinetic energy to split the alpha or the gold in a conventional manner. I have performed the experiment using a variety of geometries and beam splitters. Background coincidence rates always show zero over a few days. Some of my experiments show that pulse amplitudes can add up to greater than unity, breaking particle energy conservation. Energy is conserved, but chance and particle-energy-conservation are broken. This all indicates that if you think you are dealing with a kind of particle, and it is associated with a wave property, it never was a particle on the first place, there is no probability wave, and that everything works by loading to a threshold. The long abandoned accumulation hypothesis. This finding is consistent with, and predicted by, my similar experiments performed from 2000 to 2004 whereby I split the gamma ray (see ). I will also outline history, textbook misconceptions, and theory. So if you think I am doing something wrong, please study what I do, repeat the experiment yourself, and argue with IT. There is nothing wrong. Please witness with me our transcending quantum mechanics, as I reveal this experimental detail & data for the first time.

Ionized helium elemental threshold

The a is an ionized helium elemental threshold they call the alpha particle. Quantum mechanics says the a should go one way or another at a beam splitter. My experiments show detections in coincidence. It does NOT go one way or another. It splits like a wave and triggers events according to the loading theory. Therefore atoms are NOT particles. I also discovered that the gamma-ray, and all light, are NOT photons.
This changes everything. See my patent pending, experimental details, history, and theory. For theory, please see my derivation of the photoelectric effect. All previous attempts at a derivation use particles. It is about transcending our most profound paradox: wave-particle duality. I believe this is ALL FOR REAL. If you do not think so please tell me why. See my important list of textbook misconceptions below. A momentum of quantum-thought for the last 100 years has distorted the very message of many of our key experiments. Our literature teaches that my experimental results are not possible. Please join me in a campaign to expose and fix these distortions.

Gamma Rays Are Not Photons - Demonstration

I gave a successful and well received lecture: of Demonstration a unique experiment designed to convince you that light must not be photons at a San Francisco Tesla Society meeting. I can perform this demonstration for your group on short notice so you can see for yourself.
The experiment plots a histogram of times between events triggered in two detectors. QM says the timing should be random. A peak in the histogram shows that there are events in both detectors occurring at a rate that exceeds the random chance rate. A particle (photon) cannot split to trigger both detectors, but a pulse of wave energy can. In the past, this kind of experiment was done with visible light and x-rays. In the past, coincidences occurred only at the chance rate convincing people of photons. No one ever did this experiment with gamma-rays because they thought it was a “fact” that gamma-rays were photons. Only the lower “energy” gamma sources work in my experiment, because they have a high photoelectric-effect efficiency in the detector. There are few such radioisotope sources, which explain why this effect went unnoticed so long. It is about the photoelectric effect. Amazingly, I also derived the photoelectric effect equation, and did it with a matter-wave model. All other attempts at a derivation used particles and are dualistic (a paradox).

Some Background of Theory and History

To gain a background of theory and history, please print and read this one: An Understanding of the Particle-Like Property of Light and Charge, PDF version older PDF version for the record
Before the patent application was published, this article was good to read for experimental details: Experimental Demonstration of the Classical Nature of Gamma Rays HTML version. Please use Internet Explorer version 6 with a light background for the fonts to work correctly


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