Saturday, March 18, 2006

Alpha Spectroscopy that Defies Quantum Mechanical Explanation

I sent this letter announcing the lecture:
I will describe my experiments, constructed and performed in my home laboratory during the entire year 2005, on a method I have developed in alpha spectroscopy that defies quantum mechanical explanation. The alpha is the helium nucleus, commonly referred to as the alpha particle. The set-up is very similar to the Rutherford/Geiger-Marsden experiment history has used to show that the atom has a particle nucleus. There is a radioisotope that emits the alpha, a gold foil, and a detector to sense reflected alpha. My experiment is different by using (typically) an additional detector that is placed behind the gold foil and has electronics to read alpha events in coincidence with the reflected alpha events. The alpha events are pulses from the detector that the physical science community THINKS occur when an alpha particle strikes the detector. I get coincidences substantially beyond a chance rate, calculated by a standard method. If it was a particle, it would go one way or another at the gold beam splitter. There is not enough kinetic energy to split the alpha or the gold in a conventional manner. I have performed the experiment using a variety of geometries and beam splitters. Background coincidence rates always show zero over a few days. Some of my experiments show that pulse amplitudes can add up to greater than unity, breaking particle energy conservation. Energy is conserved, but chance and particle-energy-conservation are broken. This all indicates that if you think you are dealing with a kind of particle, and it is associated with a wave property, it never was a particle on the first place, there is no probability wave, and that everything works by loading to a threshold. The long abandoned accumulation hypothesis. This finding is consistent with, and predicted by, my similar experiments performed from 2000 to 2004 whereby I split the gamma ray (see ). I will also outline history, textbook misconceptions, and theory. So if you think I am doing something wrong, please study what I do, repeat the experiment yourself, and argue with IT. There is nothing wrong. Please witness with me our transcending quantum mechanics, as I reveal this experimental detail & data for the first time.


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