Saturday, March 18, 2006

Gamma Rays Are Not Photons - Demonstration

I gave a successful and well received lecture: of Demonstration a unique experiment designed to convince you that light must not be photons at a San Francisco Tesla Society meeting. I can perform this demonstration for your group on short notice so you can see for yourself.
The experiment plots a histogram of times between events triggered in two detectors. QM says the timing should be random. A peak in the histogram shows that there are events in both detectors occurring at a rate that exceeds the random chance rate. A particle (photon) cannot split to trigger both detectors, but a pulse of wave energy can. In the past, this kind of experiment was done with visible light and x-rays. In the past, coincidences occurred only at the chance rate convincing people of photons. No one ever did this experiment with gamma-rays because they thought it was a “fact” that gamma-rays were photons. Only the lower “energy” gamma sources work in my experiment, because they have a high photoelectric-effect efficiency in the detector. There are few such radioisotope sources, which explain why this effect went unnoticed so long. It is about the photoelectric effect. Amazingly, I also derived the photoelectric effect equation, and did it with a matter-wave model. All other attempts at a derivation used particles and are dualistic (a paradox).


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