Saturday, March 18, 2006

Ionized helium elemental threshold

The a is an ionized helium elemental threshold they call the alpha particle. Quantum mechanics says the a should go one way or another at a beam splitter. My experiments show detections in coincidence. It does NOT go one way or another. It splits like a wave and triggers events according to the loading theory. Therefore atoms are NOT particles. I also discovered that the gamma-ray, and all light, are NOT photons.
This changes everything. See my patent pending, experimental details, history, and theory. For theory, please see my derivation of the photoelectric effect. All previous attempts at a derivation use particles. It is about transcending our most profound paradox: wave-particle duality. I believe this is ALL FOR REAL. If you do not think so please tell me why. See my important list of textbook misconceptions below. A momentum of quantum-thought for the last 100 years has distorted the very message of many of our key experiments. Our literature teaches that my experimental results are not possible. Please join me in a campaign to expose and fix these distortions.


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